>Your Last Meal? [An oddly weighted question…]

>Granted, if I were going to die (knowingly) the next day and I had one meal to eat, I probably wouldn’t be that hungry.
So, in my head, I separate myself from this and generally take a different look at this favorite conversation piece of mine.

If you were to eat one last meal before spending the next year eating nothing but rice, bread and water, what would it be?

I love this question because I think it reveals a lot about the people you ask. It generally brings about warm emotions of home, family and the love of all things taste related.
I recently asked this question and got some great feedback. “Wine and good bread…with prosciutto, dried meats and good cheese” and “Chicken curry with vegetables with a Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar”

I think your last meal changes throughout your life. I’m sure when I was 8 years old, all I would’ve wanted was chicken nuggets and french fries…and possibly a coke, or something.
And surely enough, it hasn’t changed much since then.

When the question finally came around to me..this is what I said…

Buffalo wings. Medium. [Preferably old school, 3 Dollar Cafe style in Atlanta, GA. or from Fire on the Mountain here in Portland.)
Chili Cheese fries. Not just canned chili, but CHILI. Not just Velveeta, but hot and melted cheddar topped with green onions and sour cream.
And to drink?
Yes. An ice cold Coca Cola. {and was laughed at, understandably}
For dessert,
A warm pecan pie and good cup of coffee.

{*insert heavy gratifying sigh*}

I wasn’t kidding when I said my tastes have yet to change.
Granted, I love-love dried meats and am learning my way around cheeses and my palate appreciates beer and wine more and more these days.

There’s just something about that “burn”, as my mom would say. It just hits you and “burns oh so good…”

I love hearing peoples’ meals. I feel like it says so much about who they are on the inside. Simple meals, mostly. Meals that feed majority world countries and is generally affordable, minus the uh, prosciutto part. {Unless you make your own, which is another story…}

So, whoever out there reads this silly blog, let me in on your last meal.

Tell me why it tastes so good and how it slowly pulls you into that place of gastronomic nirvana.

The table, my friend, is yours.

3 responses to “>Your Last Meal? [An oddly weighted question…]”

  1. >Paella Valenciana and a tall, cool glass of red wine sangria. and for dessert tres leches cake and colombian coffee. A true test of our friendship, if you know who this is, even though I post it anonymously.

  2. >Josh, if I could bring weather into it, my last meal would be on a sunny day, I'd eat a burrito from the taco truck with a nice cold sangria. Since we're talking last meal I'd import some quacamole (since the taco truck doesn't have guacamole!?!? WHAT??) from down the street. That's what my last meal would be right now anyways, I wonder what it means that it would be under $7? Love this post man.

  3. >Hey Josh. Today we had seafood gumbo from Biloxi, collected while on vacation for Ricky.For Andre, Nan and I, there were large slabs of french bread toasted with lots of butter.On top of the hot bread, I placed golden fried shrimp from Mobile and home-made french fries. Added to that….lots of ketchup. Yeah, it was good. Thats as good as it gets.Wish you were here. Gran

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