>"FrosTop" [most guilty pleasure of the South]

>Cheeseburger + chili + dripping roast beef + “fixins’” = Frostop’s infamous, Eli Special.

I came across the Eli Special somewhere near my junior year in high school.
It’s found at one of the best greasy, little po’dunk joints in my hometown of Picayune, Mississippi called, “Frostop” [Pronounced: Frost-top/Or as my wife has been known to say, “Fro-Stop”]

Whatever you call it, it’s damn good.

I had the distinct pleasure of getting one of these babies a few days ago as I visited my native land for a friend’s wedding.
Attempt to eat with your hands, but I prefer using the oh so convenient plastic knife and fork. (and plenty of napkins)

What I also noticed was their prices – like, ridiculously cheap. $1.10 for a single burger, .90 for an ice cream cone and a couple of bucks for a hotdog po’boy.
Yeah, you heard me.
Hotdog poboy.
Po’boy bread (generally a more airy french bread – hard to find unless you leave in the deep down south, or find somewhere that makes it legit)
Roast beef gravy
and of course, those cheap red hot dogs bursting at the seams.

Most folks don’t come here for a hot dog poboy, but for that infamous Roast Beef Poboy.
It’s similar to the Debris Po’boy but not as ripped to shreds.
The juice runs down to your elbows as the bread is soaked to bits.
And there’s the usual barrage of po’boy love like shrimp, catfish, crab, and cheeseburger. [Cue saliva glands..]

These are sandwiches that make the gods angry for not being human.

They have some epic french fries too.
I love fries…especially if they’re done right. Crispy on the outside, soft and mushy on the inside. Perfect. (and cheap as well..)
They most likely have this stuff down to a science.
I’ve always noticed this one older woman who does all the grill work. When the line is out of control…she always seems calm and collected. I’m sure she’s been doing it for over 30 years – nothing much has changed accept her hair-do, which she keeps so tightly bound in her hair net…which I’m sure isn’t so necessary these days.

Great sodas with crushed ice.
I’m convinced crushed ice like they have makes things taste better. Maybe it’s colder. Maybe it’s texture…maybe it’s awesome.

This place is sentimental for me. It’s a place I went to with my family for junkfood binges and high school excursions. It is dear to my heart and I hope they stay where they are for some time to come. It’s not often you can feed three people for 13 dollars. Maybe that’s not a good thing…

But there’s something in that food [besides fat] that keeps me happy.
Maybe it’s the memories…the warm and fuzzies of comfort food..

Or probably…because it just tastes…really…really good.

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