>what you eat (and my conviction)

>I decided to take a different route today, but perhaps a more pressing one, at that.

Coming from a Southern brotha, talking about healthy food is not something I care to dive into…but as of lately, it is something I can’t get away from.
It’s not so much about healthy food, as to what kind of food we’re putting into our bodies. And before you say it’s the pot calling the kettle black, I am saying that my eating habits are not very good. But, they’re better than they used to be.

So, I write this as some form of encouragement and not conviction…to help better ourselves as people as we grow together with our family and friends.

Eating well is something I’ve been learning to do. And by “eating well”, I hope you don’t assume that I mean “eating A LOT” or even eating expensive, dainty ingredients. Eating well means eating things that are good for you and even the things that aren’t good, in careful moderation.

I’m not one to skimp on butter or bacon or the occasional deep fried delight, but I do choose carefully when I want/need to cook and eat these things. I am not a nutritionist, but I am seeing the cause of much obesity and as a Southerner, many people I see just can’t say no, nor do they even try something different. Hell, you don’t have to be from the fattest state in the nation to see that all the U.S. has major food culture issues.

Stay away from McDonalds…Wendys…and BUM!BUM!BUM! SONIC! (Except the occasional strawberry limeade… :P) It’s hard when you’re on the road, and what the hell…eat it if there’s nothing better…but try to resist the urge for a quick fix. You know you’ll regret it. I’ve never met anyone who felt good after eating McDonalds…that stuff is so chemically modified — it’s almost hard to consider it food. That goes for much of fast food culture, or in the words of Mr. Bourdain, “T.G.I. McFunsters”.

(Considering I don’t have kids, I will stay away from my opinion, because I know each family differs…but I do hope as families grow, they feed each other well. Kids learn to eat what the adults eat and if they don’t, then they can do what we did…either eat or don’t eat. I know I had to be a stubborn kid and ask [“whine”] for chicken nuggets and pizza all the time…and I’m sorry for that, mom. 🙂

I’m even talking about packaged meals. Dried noodles in bags with that powdery cheese/herb crap. There’s no way that’s good for you. I’m sure it’s loaded with salt as well…just check your ingredients and see if you want that stuff in your body. (No MSG!!)

I will go ahead and say I will NEVER be too good for any kind of food. I don’t ever want to be picky or judge someone by how they cook…and especially if they’re doing something for me. Never. Never. Never. Like I said before…just encouraging our friends and family to cook from scratch if they can…and buy good ingredients.

I know it takes more time…but it’s so…so…worth it. Regardless of what you’re cooking at home, you know what’s going in it…therefore it’s automatically better for you.
I’m learning more and more that we need to be careful with what we put in our bodies. The things the world tells us to eat is often marketing and economics…fight against it.

Meat consumption. I love…love..love meat. But it is important to love it in MODERATION. You don’t have to have meat everyday. It’s expensive and probably pretty sketchy unless you get it farm direct. Too much of it can’t be a good thing. If you want, take it old school and use meat as a flavoring for a dish, instead of the main course. It’s how the majority world does it…and I think we’re going to start seeing the price of food sky rocket. We might as wall start learning how to cook with the bottom of the barrel…

Eat greens! Beans are super good for you as well…whole grains…use olive oil instead of butter to help cook what you got goin’ on in that pan.

But again, I’m new at all this, so I’d love some feedback as to what kind of foods you eat that are or at least, seem healthy and taste super rad. Feel us in!

It is important that we eat well…for our kids…for our friends and families future.

And most of all, it is important to be a better world.


One response to “>what you eat (and my conviction)”

  1. >Yes, cooking from scratch is generally more healthy, but it's a pain in the ASS. Especially when your kitchen is tiny and suffocating. And it's the last thing I want to do when I get home from chasing around 2 toddlers all day. I would never say that McDonalds is good for me, but sometimes, I just gotta have it. In fact, I ate a quarter-pounder with cheese value meal just last night! And I have to say, it was pretty fucking delicious :).

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