one small to medium sized update

As you’ll notice, the blog has a few new things about it. I know! You’re just bursting at the seams!!

New is always exciting…usually!
It means things are on the move. Our imaginations are working and we’re all dreaming of what I referred to today as our “Big Small Life”.

I’m not quite sure what I meant by it all, only to assume that we have a few potentially big things to hope for, but in actuality, those big things are the size they are because we generally live small. It’s been a good day. A day of discussing timelines over fried okra and Abita Amber at Eat:Oyster Bar — which is quite necessary when talking future things for a southern food cart.

So let’s talk about what’s going down.
Up top you will notice a few pages. I encourage you to read my “lil bits”. I’ve updated it a bit with a few more thoughts on the subject matter of the blog and what I hope to do with it.

Also, it’s quite possible I will be doing some catering/private parties in the future. I thought it’d be a good idea for me to put myself out there. I understand I’m still new at cooking for the masses, but I’m up for the challenge and believe I can feed the whole lot of em’.

LagniappePDX will be the tag of my food cart. If you have Twitter, you can follow us (@lagniappePDX) — if I can get my act together and “tweet” like normal “tweeters” do. I’ll also be working on a Facebook page. Hurray social networking! It’s actually quite important, believe it or not.

Another new thing is that cute little “Donate” button on the right side. I got the idea from Julie and Julia…well…most of it. I’m not cooking my way through anything, but in my budget, there is just not enough room to experiment. I’m hoping there may be a few kind souls willing to lend a hand to help me afford ingredients to cook with and feed others. If at any time you’d like to donate to my future food cart, you can also make it be known by sending me a little message about it.

Moving on to fund raising!
I’m currently in the process, along with some near and dear friends, of creating a logo and also a small video for my Kickstarter account. I’ve yet to start the actual raising of funds because those two things are crucial in the process of raising the money I will need to apply for my IDA loan and the classes that follow. (More of that at a later date. It is a small to medium sized update, after all!)

One more thing, my ‘foodie’ blog before this was called, “Of Southern Contour” and I had a good number of posts. I’ve imported them all so you can view them for as far back as they go, if you’d like.

And as always, thanks for stopping by. I’m awfully appreciative of your time,


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