sweet tea and tater’ salad

Growing up in Mississippi, there were two very distinct things your momma did better than anybody else.

Sweet tea and potato salad.

Yesterday, me and my wife Hannah ate at a BBQ joint a little ways down the road. In classic southern style, they served beverages in gigantic glasses. I think it’s a smart idea. Granted, sucking down a half gallon of sugary sweet soda or tea isn’t the best, but I reckon’ it just means you’re being taken care of. No one’s forcing you to suck it all down, but sometimes, we get thirsty — know what I mean?

Hannah said, “Oh! They have sweet tea — you should get it!” In which I responded, “Nah, I only trust my momma’s sweet tea…” And of course I’ll drink anything, but I am particular. Or maybe I’m just a purist of sweet tea — back up off me! {The sweet tea at this joint was actually really good.}

Maybe it’s the perfect ratio of sugar to tea infused water — the typical iced tea blends like Luzianne and Lipton — the pitcher that always holds the iced tea or just pure skill. It’s always good and it’s always sweet.

We like tea with our sugar.

Some like lemon, some don’t.

I had a roommate in college who told me his mom never washed their tea pitcher. It was only rinsed and filled again with tea. Apparently it kept that “taste” he loved so much as a kid in every batch. I love that.

That’s what sweet tea is about.

So what’s up with potato salad? Well, a lot. At least to me.

Some like crunchies. Relish, onions, etc. Some like more mustard than mayo (and vice versa).
Me, not so much. I can do a little bit of relish but mostly enjoy the unadulterated mix of mayo, mustard, Tony’s, salt and pepper. As Michael Scott always said, “Keep it simple, stupid.”
But you’re not stupid, you’re awesome and beautiful and you know what you like. That’s most important.

Going to friends’ house as a teenager — I would always find different varieties of tea and potato salad and everyone always said their moms made it the best. And perhaps, they did.

It’s like when you go to a BBQ and someone brings store bought potato salad — oh, we know, we know who you are! We are all very particular about these things, but will not come out and say it. We will also never turn down another person’s gift of hospitality.

As I say most of this jokingly, I do think my mom’s sweet tea and potato salad are the best — but that’s because I grew up with it.
It’s comfortable.
It’s home.

So, what are some things your mom makes that are better than anyone else’s you’ve tried?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Just remember…

…my mom makes it the best. 




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