leaves. [a changing season]

I always get a little contemplative come Fall.

It’s the leaves. Or that blustery wind that knocks them off — some too soon, but mostly in due time.

I wrote a while ago that I always loved when Fall came to Mississippi. You appreciate the cooler weather when it’s been so hot for so long. In Oregon, we have a pretty mild climate — meaning, not very cold in the winter and not very hot in the summer. But, Fall in Oregon is something. The way the leaves crunch and that breeze. Or in Mississippi, the massive amount of dead pine needles needing to be raked and burned and in the long run, returned to the earth to grow something else.

When I had to rake the pine needles, I would generally do it into the evening…when things would get a little chilly. I would come in and my mom would have supper ready. We would watch Home Improvement or something of the like. I really loved those times. I’m completely positive I complained about the raking part, but there was something cozy about watching a good show with the family.

Earlier this week, I posted a recipe for butternut squash soup. Its colors, orange and yellow, are impressively Fall. I’ve been getting into making an apple pie once a week to make use of their Harvest. Though this week, I messed up and added a half cup of salt when I should have added sugar! I’m glad I tasted it before I gave it to anyone else! I was discouraged. Making pie is pretty labor intensive. If it’s not, I’m not sure you’re doing it right. (Maybe just a little kidding on that part…)

But I learn things right away when I mess up. That’s not to say something like that won’t happen again because we are humans and mistakes are things we make. And then there are the times when things work just right…and we redeem ourselves. Or when we serve someone a hot bowl of soup and a warm, fresh biscuit. It is what brings me most joy, that I can feed others well.

I wanted this post to be about leaves and how I always get a little soft when they start to change. But it turned out to be about making mistakes and receiving redemption. Maybe it’s what it needs to be. A little this…a little that.

Regardless, the cool air is pushing our curtains up and down;

And the ebb and flow of the changing season feels right at home.

2 responses to “leaves. [a changing season]”

  1. Excellent writing Josh. Since Katrina, we have no more pine trees, so no more pine straw to rake! Mr. Bud says we will never have another pine tree near our house again!

    I hope you are doing well. I’m proud of you and look forward to your recipes!

    Mary Nail

    PS You wouldn’t believe all the many cooking errors I have made over the years! Keep at it.

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