my southern belly

I can’t say I’ve been the best to my body.

I believe the process of healing ours bodies take time. Unfortunately, there isn’t a pill that will turn your organs back to the way they were or give you an indefinite amount of energy. If there is, you probably shouldn’t be taking it. (And…it might be illegal…heheh.)

In the recent weeks I’ve been having some health issues. Whether it’s acid reflux, indigestion, heartburn or something of the like, I don’t quite know. It’s been a long time coming for me to see a doctor – or at least to know where I stand.

We made an appointment with a naturopathic doctor and sat and chatted for an hour and half about my stress, my diet and what I hope to change about myself.
In the midst of my doctor’s appointment, I started to think about ‘southern belly’; its name and what it means. My doctor talked about how I hold stress in my stomach and how it’s affecting my digestion and blood pressure.

It made me realize that more than food, my emotions play a huge role in what I choose to let in my body. Stress can be poison, as I’ve found — giving my body free will to do what it thinks it needs to do to survive. These things aren’t always good, but I should know better.

Without diving too much into what we talked about, I walked away with a great hope that I’m making the right choices to better my health.

What goes into my belly is important. These are food things, life things and emotional things. I carry it all and have to digest it somehow. As of lately, things have not been so great and it’s awfully discouraging if you’ve ever been sick for more than a week and have no idea what it even is!

So, after Christmas vacation, I’m going to be putting my body through a cleanse of sorts…to see what I might be fighting against and to holistically work on the ways I digest the world. These knots need unraveling, and I’m thankful that I have a place to start.

Our bodies are so, so important. Be in tune with your own ebb and flow.

My southern belly is getting better…and stronger.

One day at a time.

Merry Christmas to all you fine folks…I’m goin’ down South…see you on the other side…

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