What I’m Eating (the healthy bits)

Since going to the doctor, I’ve been moved to make many changes . Never more have I been more passionate about what goes into my body than right now.

I saw these numbers highlighted on a sheet of medical paper that said, at least to me, “Dude, get it together.”

Now, my doctor wants me to be anything BUT hard on myself. That’s not the reason I’m there. I’m there to make myself a better person. To heal my body and spirit. To learn what things are good for me.

I’m incredibly hard on myself at times. I’m generally one to make drastic changes when need be and it never really lasts. This time, things are different.
I know where I want to be. And I’m already on my way.

I’ve been feeling so much better. And days when I’m not, I know I’m getting there. Your body can go through quite a shock when it eliminates addictions. Even as small as sugar and caffeine — learning that those two things are the most addicting [legal] substances.

So, I’m off coffee for a while, which was a huge pain in the ass. Also refined sugar and bread. I was wonderfully irritable. Lusting for chocolate croissants and giant pieces of birthday cake. I think the idea of knowing I couldn’t really have it made me want it even more. I mean, birthday cake IS awesome. All those sprinkles and crunchy bits…?

momofuku milk bar's 'birthday cake'

But, after three or so days, the cravings subsided and I was happy with an apple. I don’t have a huge sweet tooth, so I can imagine it being harder for others. Just know after three days, it gets better.

Also, I had no idea if I was allergic to anything. I was pretty much a disposal for anything you put in front of me. My decisions were guided by the need to experience everything. For the first couple of days of my “diet”, I went to bone broth and lean protein. I drank chicken stock and munched on chicken breast for two days. Some eggs and greens in the morning time as well.

My body started to feel better. Bone broth is a magical thing. Take a bunch of bones, some onion, celery, carrot and garlic, fill it up with cold water and simmer for about 18 hours. Yeah, exactly like making stock. Strain and reduce a bit to your taste, as usual.

Then, start working your way into steamed vegetables, protein, etc. Keep it light though. After broth for two days, your body will be working some things out…literally.

So, here are some good things I’ve been told to eat:
Lots of vegetables. Preferably raw or steamed.
Fruit – preferably not as much banana and as seasonal as you can get
Pasture-raised and fed protein, wild-caught fish, etc.
Walnuts, flax seed (not oil), pumpkin seeds, chia seeds
Carlson’s Fish Oil – T. a day
Yogurt [unsweetened]
Whole grains, quinoa, brown rice

As I’m learning, eating a lot of meat isn’t good for you — but if you do, eat meat that’s been properly raised. Consider going in on a whole cow from a local farm with another family and load up your freezer if you have the space.

Some things I’m trying to stay away from for a while:
Refined sugars aka “the white and brown stuff”
White breads
Fried  bits
Heavy dairy [cream, cheese]
Heavy protein [meat]
Lay off white potatoes and white rice if you’re watching your carbohydrates

You might think this takes the fun out of eating, but it doesn’t. When your body begins to heal itself, you feel so much better. And you don’t have to kiss cupcakes away for life. At least you don’t if you eat right.
More importantly, don’t hide what you eat from people. That’s when it gets dangerous. If you need to eat a chocolate chip cookie, eat one, but don’t do it in secret. Make sure the people in your life are aware of you and your diet.

I’m still figuring this stuff out. I’m far away from where I want to be…but I’m getting there.

And that is what’s important.

3 responses to “What I’m Eating (the healthy bits)”

  1. Josh- Good stuff. For the past 3 weeks I’ve been treating my body to a lot of grains (brown rice, oats, other grains), no sugar, a lot of vegetables, yogurt and berries and lean protein. Strangely, my body craves this stuff and I can’t believe how good I feel. Glad to be on this journey at the same time with you. Cheers.

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