What You Should Know About this Blog.

Nearing 100 posts (combining my older blog, “Of Southern Contour” and SB), I realize I’ve been all over the place.

I’ve learned that it’s been a place of narrative, recipe, and updating the virtual public on where life is taking me (with food and otherwise).
It started as a way of promoting a possible food cart. Now that my food projects are changing, as in, what it means for me to cook food for myself and others, SB has become something substantial all together.

Lately, my life has led me on a path to being healthy. Or..to be a healthy being.

I follow a few blogs that talk about the history of the candy bar or five different ways to cook cauliflower. And while those things are helpful and interesting, I believe this food journey of mine to be a bit more holistic. Meaning, I want to look at food, industry, culture and health all in one. I write wanting to give myself and others the means of understanding how food affects our well-being.

I know I’d have more blog followers if I took pictures of the food I cook and eat, or design meals for busy families, but I’ve always wanted Southern Belly to be different.

If you need recipes for chicken, there are a thousand other sites that will help you. And while I will post a few recipes here and there, I realize that I’m not super great on translating how I cook into words. Deep down, I want to help you with the basics. Understanding the basics will take you above and beyond most other blue collar cooks. (For a person looking to learn the basics, I’d recommend Michael Ruhlman’s: Twenty)

I can’t say that I’ve cooked long enough to develop solid recipes. When people ask about broccoli recipes, I shyly admit that I don’t have any. That when I eat broccoli…I just…eat it. I steam it, add a little olive oil and salt and eat it. I think it’s important to understand how broccoli cooks before you can explore its characteristics.

I hope I haven’t let anyone down by not producing a legit recipe every week. When I cook something worth sharing, I promise I will let you know. Otherwise, I’m not an index on what to do with the almighty green bean. (Though I will say learning how to blanch vegetables is really important.)

And I’m sure there has been no expectations of producing such things, but I just thought I’d write a note explaining Southern Belly a bit more. In the likes of Barbara Kingsolver’s “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”, I wanted this place to be a combination of food, history, health and recipe. And that’s just what you’ll get.

…and lastly, If I ever nail down my cornbread recipe…

you’ll be the first to know.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this blog. I’m so glad that you’re here.

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