Allan Benton (And his glorious Hams)

This is Allan Benton, y’all.

He ages, cures, and smokes ham and bacon.

The man is a legend. I’ve tried his ham and it was the most intensely salty and smokey pork product I’ve ever had.

I watched a video on Allan (posted below) and fell in love with this guys vision. He’s a dude who aims to keep it small and always prefers quality over quantity.

I mean, he ages hams for a year. It takes the man 33 days to cure, hang, and (most likely) smoke a pork belly for bacon. It’s all he does and he’s damn good at it.

I love the way he talks about “his people”. Something I’ve come to notice about southern folks, especially Appalachian area folks, is how they say, “My mom’s people cured their hams this way…” We don’t really talk like that anymore. But it rings true, especially when referring to heirloom recipes and foodways. It is important to differentiate between both Mother and Father’s ‘peoples’, because once you are born, you are practicing both families way of life. Such a fascinating thing, really.

Anyways, I wanted to show y’all Allan because I think he embodies the spirit of someone I’d love to turn into someday. As I told my wife after watching the video with her, “I want to BE HIM SOMEDAY!”

Plus, he reminds me of my people.

And that always hits home, doesn’t it?


One response to “Allan Benton (And his glorious Hams)”

  1. I’m planning on making bacon over Easter. I’ve got curing salt and borrowed a smoker for when the bacon is ready for smoking. I always admire people that make their own foods. If I could grow pigs in my rental flat, I would.

    Good luck with your curing career!

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