Mardi Gras 2012 (A Year in Review)

I realized that I didn’t share the Mardi Gras party we threw back in February! At least for those of you who aren’t Facebook friends.

I wanted to break it down a little. Post a few pictures. Explain why these parties are milestones for me. Cooking and relationship-wise, they are a testament to what I’ve learned as a cook and a lover of food and story.

Let’s get this started:

Shuckin’ some oysters. Shigoku and Fanny Bay. Delicious. Briney. Tasted like cold ocean.

Can’t say that I’ve always been a fan of oysters, but these days, I can’t get enough.

Fresh horseradish. Mignonette. Lemon. Perfect.

Black eyed pea salad.

And…we boiled some crawfish straight from Natchitoches, Louisiana! (I really like the crawfish tail sticking up in the air front and center. Awesome crawfish from Louisiana Crawfish Co.)

“Takin’ it in the face” my boss would say. 🙂

Poor little guy. Your death was not in vain. You were insanely delicious. It was also really cold outside. Made hot crawfish juice taste even better.

The unveiling with Ben. There’s always something exciting about crawfish being dumped on a table covered in newspaper.

Daang yo.

You know it.

Went quick! (Doesn’t it always?)


Suck dat’ head!

You don’t wanna know what that mirror had to do for them beads.

Me…in my happy place.

The first night I moved to Oregon, I met this guy, whom I lived with in a big house full of dudes. He had just found 5 packs of Ramen on the sidewalk and was so excited about it. Huss…thanks for being you.

My favorite view of the night. Makes it all worth it.

Not pictured was some duck, chicken, and andouille gumbo.
Debris Poboys.
And copious amounts of beer.

Excited to do it all over again.


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