On Being Healthy (Part 2)

It’s safe to say that I’ve spent this year learning what it means to take care of myself.

If I’m honest, a lot of things came easy to me. That tends to happen when you begin to fear for your life (or at least being a healthy human being.)

I’m not in good enough shape to call myself healthy or fit or “good to go”. I do drink beer and eat pizza and may or may not have a half eaten bag of Cheetos sitting beside our recliner. (Granted, they are the ‘healthier’ version of Cheetos which are just kind of BS when you want the real thing.)

With all of this said, I’m still losing weight and my blood pressure is still dropping, albeit slowly. My blood sugar level has decreased, though my body is still creating insulin when I fast. My cholesterol hasn’t changed too much, which was a little discouraging at first until my doctor explained to me what cholesterol actually was. Granted, high cholesterol isn’t great, but neither is severely low. And there are good and bad kinds. But as I was explained to, there has never really been much evidence to prove that high cholesterol (when speaking just of cholesterol) was a result of a person’s death.

But high cholesterol mixed with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc — that’s when things start getting messy. That’s when plaque builds in arteries and when sh*t inevitably starts hitting the fan.

[This is based off a conversation with my doctor and no, I don’t know where the studies are on this. But I trust my doctor. He’s helped me in ways other doctors have not been able to come close to. I trust what he has to say. Do not take your medical advice from me because everyone is different and has different needs. This is just my conversation and what I’ve learned about the things that are good and bad for my body.]

Sterols like Lipitor are given to people with high cholesterol. Lipitor blocks cholesterol from being made. Our bodies NEED cholesterol to function properly. It helps produce crucial vitamins, proper brain function and our ever-so-important hormonal activity. Out of 600 folks, sterols have only helped one out of those 600 people while the other 599 eventually got sicker and/or died due to their conditions.

In almost every other case where a person lost weight, their health dramatically increased.

This is to say, medications can only do so much. What is killing us (and what we hear everywhere) is obesity. Being overweight with the combo of high blood pressure and high insulin levels in the blood lead to what is most killing us these days.

Things like stress inflame those ever so important things in our bodies. Dr. Luke uses words like “inflammatory” when talking of things that aren’t too good for our bodies. Inflammation causes are bodies to do all sorts of things, including shutting down. It’s why I had so much pain in my belly. My liver was inflamed as well as much of my endocrine system was all jacked up. My adrenal glands were producing too much for my body to handle. Most either due from being overweight and/or stressed.

I’ve been eating and doing not-so-good things to my body for many years. I can’t expect 6-months to change things too drastically. But I have been losing weight. My blood pressure is lowering and my body is starting to regulate its blood sugar level.

I know this sounds like a lot. And it is. But these are the things I have to deal with right now. Especially coming into an industry where it’s easy to abuse your body to stay awake and work longer hours. It’s important to know what your body can take.

You can always change.
You can always move.
There’s nothing stopping you from this.
You just need to find a starting place and just…go.

And remember, you can always start again tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a blank slate.

Make it something huge.



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