Front of House

About a week ago, my boss sat me down to have a little talk.

I got that feeling in my stomach. Like I maybe did something wrong or a customer misinterpreted me as rude or some mundane thing my mind conjures up on a daily basis.

It was an offer. An offer I felt deep down I’d be asked to do. Mostly, because I was doing it anyway.

He asked if I’d be interested in managing FOH – meaning Front of House.

Front of House is usually the face of a restaurant. They’re the people — yes read: “PEOPLE” that greet you, take your orders, drop off your orders and help you throughout the process. (And who listen to your complaints and how you sometimes talk down to folks behind the counter.)

Now, I’ve sort of wanted to get away from this because people drain me. Customer service overwhelms me. The odd thing is that this job keeps finding me. The more I run away, the more it seems to follow me. I’m good at it, at least I think I am.

I’m a sucker for quality. I want everything to be great and I want everyone to do it right. Who doesn’t, right? Busy owners who don’t have time to manage either FOH or BOH love people like me who take it upon themselves to push for quality and consistency. For one, I just think if you’re going to be serving awesome products, you should serve them the best you can. I’m also fiercely defensive of the floor. Meaning, I love to defend and help the people I work alongside. I like speaking up for their frustrations and getting some justice out of a shi**y day.

As you can probably imagine, I said yes. More like, “Yeah..totally…sweet!” With this job comes a decent salary + tips + healthcare. I find myself buying groceries and thinking, “So THIS is what it’s like to make a living wage, eh?”

And also, industry work in the PNW is somewhat seasonal. Things slow down as the weather gets gross and wet. RHM might just do the same, but even on slow days, they are doing well. It’s good to have something solid going into the unforgiving winter. Hey, all seasons have a purpose.

So I have to reprocess this stuff in my mind. I actually love serving people. I would serve our crew any time, any day. I resonate with the cooks on Downton Abbey (I know, I know) because they don’t even get to eat with the servants. I’ve always felt a need to serve. I still want to cook and move further back, but I think these skills are important.

The cool part is, I still get to cook. Granted it’s pizzas and breakfast, at least I can stay on the line a good bit. I’ll be helping with catering a bit more as well. I mean, I know y’all were all like, “BUT JOSH, YOU WANTED TO COOK RIGHT!??”

I know followers of Southern Belly can give a sigh of relief. Trust me, I believe these things to be good. I think so much of being a good and successful industry worker is understanding all aspects of the business. From running a cash register to getting yourself out of the weeds to properly making a cappuccino. All of which I hope to get better at.

Come on by sometime and let me take care of ya.

Just ask for Josh.

I’m sure I’ll be cleaning out a drain or something.



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