the sweet spots.

Today, I’d like to talk about good things. (and sweet spots.)

Or at least good things to me. I’m a news junkie, so I’m always on the verge of melting down into a pool of sadness. But don’t let that dramatic picture set in just yet.

My life is also filled with goodness and it’s these days that I find myself becoming keenly aware of contentment and what I feel deep down to be good.

First of all, happiness is vague. It’s a spectrum of thousands of variables. I don’t believe I can ever say I’m truly happy. I mean, there are times when things seem perfect, but it’s always fleeting when the dark recesses of my mind catch up. And no one is as hard on me as I am. I am fully aware of my surroundings. But when the goodness is flowing, I try to soak it up like bread and sauce. Savoring and wishing for just one more bite. 

– – –

I like that first conscious breath of air after you wake up in the morning. That deep, satisfying inhale to know that you’re alive again and did not drift off into the night. You smell of sleep and listen to your bones crack. There’s a great comfort in that.

I love watching Travel shows. I guess as far as being a home-body, I love to get out of my surroundings if not physically, then most definitely visually. I love to see how cheese is made and am obsessed with food cultures around the world. I love watching it work.

I like doing that with a not too hot cup of coffee that’s sweet, not from sugar, but by great roasters and a somewhat tedious brewing method. But it makes all the difference to me.

Slow mornings are a gift, do not take them for granted. Being an industry person, I often get them. They help to center my day. I eat my eggs and sip my coffee and take it all as ritual.

I love spending time in my kitchen after a long, messy day. I know that a spoonful of butter and flour mixed with stock or milk makes a sauce or gravy. I know it’ll thicken and coat whatever it is I want to cover with goodness.

When the cold starts to take you, and the heater kicks on.

Whiskey. Ice cube. Orange peel. Repeat. (Responsibly, of course.)

When a song comes on that hits you in your gut. That makes you feel like life is good and right. Even if it is for 3-4 minutes.


My buddy Kyle and I talk about eating food and watching a 20 minute TV show. There’s something comforting about a plate of food and something entertaining. I think it’s about stimulation and fixation. Both oral and visual.

There’s also something about sitting at a table with plates and glasses. Family style dining or by means of course. To risk the over-stated phrase “as conversation flows with the wine”, it’s sort of true. Good drink helps.

Good drink is best when that buzz hits right before you eat. When it takes the edge off and the warm and fuzzies come to settle in, if only until the food soaks it all up.

I love that moment from table to couch or chair. When the conversation needs to be moved to another room or another seat. Tea is put on and something sweet arrives at its side.

Shortbread and PG Tips with a dash of milk. Yes, that’s goodness.

Black coffee and pecan pie.

Feeling close and connected to the people you love and spend your life with.

Self-realization is good. The balance of understanding that the world isn’t revolving around you, nor is it healthy to exist without realizing you left your mark, somehow. Hopefully for the better.

Making a good name for yourself.

Feeling tired at the end of the day and having someone scratch your back and to feel thankful.

What is goodness to you?

2 responses to “the sweet spots.”

  1. Good lasagna on a birthday.

    Putting on a kettle in the dark, writing the first few lines of a new poem while steeping tetleys in the morning (the budwiser of british tea, but I love it).

    Laughing until I can’t breath over chicken wings with my friends.

    A perfect pulled british bitter (not anymore, unfortunately).

    Watching The Lady’s eyes light up when I suprise her with a delicious dinner.

  2. I too love and am grateful for slow mornings (mine start with coffee and oatmeal), the anticipation of a good meal, books that allow me to enter the lives of others, the feeling of contentment that overtakes my body and soul when I sink into my yoga mat in the morning or my bed at the end of the day, and the clarity and wisdom that time in the kitchen brings. Thanks for bringing a little extra goodness into my day by sharing the simplicity you cherish.

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