Worst blogger ever.

Yep, that’s me.


But it’s okay. I’m not getting paid to write, nor do I have the expectation to make it as a disciplined writer.

Things are on the move, though.

Some exciting things are happening that I can’t quite dive into this week, but maybe next week, or the week after that.

It involves cooking.

Let’s just say that.

Until then, y’all have an excellent weekend — and industry folks, good luck in the trenches. Take care of each other.



Why the picture of nettles?

Well, because I made a soup today with stinging nettles and though I only touched a few, my finger tips are all tingly. And not in a melancholic way.

4 responses to “Worst blogger ever.”

  1. the stinging nettle has a very fishy aroma, and that is why it is not very successful… it was however used by country people in feeding pigs, drenched in hot water and cooled. it has a lot of iron from what I understand and I know quite a lot of people who eat it, but you should handle it with rubber gloves, at least until it is partially cooked

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