the kitchen.

the kitchen.

where things make sense to me.

temperature and heat;

the science.

that’s one of the best things about cooking.

there are facts and absolutes.

there are recipes and ratios,

reductions and water.

salt and spice,

sugar and vinegar

or is it the other way around.


Dirty dishes can become clean.

New again. Fresh platform.

Clean slate. Ready to please again.

Cleaning. Cleaning. Cleaning.

That’s mostly what cooking is about.


And then, there is everything else.

Which usually doesn’t make sense.

Intuition and emotion.


Anger and fury.



Throw all of this in a pot and watch it.

You have to watch it.

You have to take care of it.

Tasting of it always.




Giving it the space to do its thing,

and coming back to it when you think it’s ready.


Then and only then can we give it to you;

to inhale or breathe in or take pictures from far away.


All we know is that we give it to you.

And you do with it as you please.


But know deep down that the kitchen,

is not just a place where metal is scrubbed

and meat is seared.


But where things move.

Here to there.

And to you.

For you.


is where it has always been.



2 responses to “the kitchen.”

  1. Love it. It makes perfect sense. I understand and comprehend this even though I’m learning (more about the kitchen). I love cooking. I even love cleaning after the cooking (a little less, of course). Anyways…thanks for the thoughts Josh.

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