from scratch

made with a lotta love.

usually means a lotta work.

so it goes, right?


taking something big and breaking it down, for you

for us.

that’s the idea. you do it because it’s better. we all know it’s true.

scratch is best.

but it’s harder. takes time. money. hours. some sweat.

maybe a burn or two.

but it’s always better.


flour. water. salt. yeast.

let it come alive. add some heat and some rest.

then, watch it really come to life.

feeding. nurturing. expanding.


bones. blood. broth.

salt jammed in the cracks of my fingers.

lemon, adding to injury.

not conspiring against you, but just part of the process,

ya know?


sometimes, you have to start over.

you shake your head and say no no no.

but the truth is, you know better.

you know it will be better.

it will add to the knot in your back,

you will be sharp and attentive.

you will begin to understand


that sometimes, you have to start over,

making everything new.


from scratch.

and when you are done,

it will make all the difference.



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