G’bye Oregon!

(I am writing on my phone, so apologies for the errors of tapping my thumbs on bits of screen. It certainly feels odd…oh well!)

Here I am.

Sitting in my car as I will be for the next week, with small bursts of tears and laughter and ketchup stains on my shirt, no doubt.

The familiarity of leaving a place is fresh on my mind. I have been leaving places a lot over the past ten years. Many of us have and will be in transition through a lot of life. I suppose that’s how it is often enough.

Saying my goodbyes are heart wrenching. My throat starts to constrict and my eyes get red and swollen. Listening to my sister in law explain to my nephew this morning, where Uncle Josh was going, saying, “this is Mississippi over here. Daddy is going with Uncle Josh and he’s going to live with his mommy and sister. And then Daddy is going to fly back to us, but Uncle Josh will stay there. ”

My heart just melted.

I have been so full of love. Truly, you reap what you sew.

Today I leave Oregon. Surely not for the last time, but for a long time.

Thankful for the love had here. The opportunity to call myself many things. To be a friend and lover and all those wonderful things.

My heart is full.

As is my gas tank, ready to take me to my next point of origin.

And once again, I will describe my world as “in transit”.

The horizon is up ahead, and I will let it shine brightly on my face.

Goodbye, Oregon.

You were a wonderful home.

3 responses to “G’bye Oregon!”

  1. Josh, I’ve moved 25 times in 27 years and it never seems to get any easier (in fact, harder, because the older I get the tired-er I get when I move). It is SO, so difficult to leave behind the ones we have met, loved, and who have invested their time and love into us. But you should know that a whole new community is waiting for your arrival.

    I am awed speechless at times when I think about how many AMAZING friends I have made over the years. With the special ones I can pick up the phone to call and it’s like we never left off. Sometimes it’s hard being so far away from them, but don’t let your grief rob you of the new relationships you are going to make.

    God bless you on your journey!

  2. Likewise I have moved quite often (15 addresses in ten years) and now, having set a record of over 3 years in the same house and job, I’m about to move on again! You are so right to be thankful for the love and experiences you’ll miss, while remembering that there is more of all of that ahead…

  3. Josh, I’m only just now learning of your leave from pdx, yet I know none of the details. Please know this: I have always thoroughly enjoyed our brief visits and our kindred conversations. And now, because I have worked for the last year as a cook in the brutal world of a fast paced, take-no-prisoners commercial kitchen, I lament that I didn’t get to talk to you more about that. At least in person. I too have moved an inordinate amount of times in my lifetime. And I too have thought about moving recently and would if I had the money – which, working as a cook does not allow me to do. It’s a devil may care Catch-22. I may take a note from your playbook and ask for help if I actually fabricate a real game plan; drop what’s left of my already crushed ego and simply ask for help across the binary pathways that make up my so-called ‘neighborhood’.

    Go well young lad and know that the only people who truly fail are those that have never tried. Peace and blessings my good brother. Keith Labnow

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