electricity fillin’ up the sky

one mississippi two mississppi

a low rumble down the ways

two miles, I say half asleep


I wake up to a

thump, thump, thump, thump

drips from the roof tapping my window seal

cool, wet breath on my face

and the trees slowly touch one another


reminding me of that brilliant dance

with her,

half way touching

and moving


electricity, again

one mississippi two mississippi three mississippi

quiet rumble, like the sound of water rushing over your head

a little less awake I say,

‘it’s moving away’


trees sway less

I am aware of the stagnant air

that now fills my space

but I smell the dampness

it is comforting


the storm, it is gone for now

but I am asleep

one leg in, one leg out

to keep the balance of warm and cool


I miss the sounds of storm

of wind making trees stretch

wet road smell


but then there is bright and breeze

a bird singing its dream

and I am awake.

with a big breath and stretch,

Yes! I am awake, now.



5 responses to “thunderstorm”

  1. You are absolutely astonishing, Josh!! You MUST absolutely try to publish your poetry. I refuse to call it “writings”. It is so much more and you are doing yourself a disservice by not publishing it……..or at least trying!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Josh, Please, tell us that you are okay and that the tornado didn’t affect you or your family? I, for one, am worried about you. Thanks!!

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