A few lil’ bits

At first, this blog was about food.
(and it still is, sort of…)

It was about how food relates to our lives – be it region or ritual or your momma’s red beans and rice.

It was about my journey as a Mississippi boy who moved to Portland and fell in love with real food and real characters.

And then it became so much more.

Here, I still talk about food, life in the industry as a cook and how it is intertwined into the fabric of my own little world.

It has become a place where I rest my heels on the things that flow in and out of that same little world.

A place where my voice is heard, and a place where I hear yours.

A place where I struggle and ask for wisdom on things I’m not sure I’m even supposed to know yet.

A place that fits me. That is comfortable and forgiving and big.

But also small enough for a cozy poem or two.

I refer to my belly as a place of movement. Where I can feel deep down the changing of seasons and the shifting of thought.

This place is Southern Belly.

And I’m glad you’re here.


20 thoughts on “A few lil’ bits

  1. So nice to come upon your blog. My heritage is in the south, New Orleans and Daisy, LA. Though I never lived there, my Grandparents lived out their lives there and my mother was raised there. She is an excellent cook (still at 85) and of course she mixed what she knew from the South with Southern California fare (where I grew up). Many moons later, she raised a daughter passionate about cooking and getting together around the table with loved one, whether they are family or friends. I love your introduction above!
    ….and guess where I ended up? The Pacific Northwest!!
    I blog as well at corriganscookday.wordpress.com….not much southern cooking, but lots of variety.
    Best to you, I will keep up with your blog.

  2. I grew up dangerously close to that LA/MS line myself. I sometimes mourn fresh gulf seafood and deep south ambiance as daily exposure. But it will always be alive and well in my home, and improved by horizons not yet in view.
    To kindred spirits, indeed.

  3. Hey Josh.
    Somewhat unfortunately, I am not in any way, shape or form attached to America’s South or Deep South (are they the same thing?). I’m an Australian girl, hailing from the Western part, but I’m just as food obsessed as you. I love food traditions, I love growing my own food, buying organic and cooking fresh. I believe we’re feeding our bodies, our hearts and our minds. In the Australian way, it’s shrimp cooked on a beach barbecue, steak in the backyard or slow-cooked roasts for Sunday lunch. We sit, drink beer, share stories and wipe hot sauce from our chins. It’s love – for me, there’s nothing better than cooking for the afternoon, serving my family and loving my friends.
    I completely agree with your statements about food as a ‘way of life’ and an ‘investment’. More than ever, I’m committed to eating responsibly, supporting small producers, maintaining traditions and ensuring that I know what I’m putting into my body. It’s an investment into us, and future generations, by treating the planet responsibly keeping in touch with ‘real food’ that comes from a paddock or field, not a packet.
    Love your work. So excited to read more of your blog, foodie brother!

  4. Wow, so happy to find this little gem of a blog. I lived in Portland for 8 years. Then I moved to Texas and fell in love with regional cooking of the South and border. I used to have a longer essay on my about page that echoes much of what you say here– nice to meet you Southern Belly!

  5. This blog made me think about my ex ‘s mother who cooked like a champion. I am from and still live in LA. They are from MS. I have several of her recipes. Those times at her house at the dinner table are truly some of the things I miss the most. Can’t wait to check out your blog .

  6. “I refer to my belly as a place of movement. Where I can feel deep down the changing of seasons and the shifting of thought”
    Your words provoke emotion. Thanks for sharing!

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