food cart update!

I owe it to you who read this blog.

The ones who take a few minutes to keep up with Lagniappe and whatever the heck it is I’m cooking, with maybe a few small stories. It means so, so much to have you here.

I had been feeling a lot of stress with starting the food cart this next summer. I was rushing to complete a video (which is still in the works), raise money and start looking for a cart. And while I’m not exactly ‘not’ doing those things, I am taking space to do it right.

This means, we won’t be starting the cart until [fingers crossed] at least, summer of 2013 — which seems like such a long time to wait, but it doesn’t mean Lagniappe is on hold. It is still steadily being built in our imaginations and plates. We just needed more time.

We needed more space to dream and plant and cook. We’re at peace with this decision.

But, because I’ve pushed the date back does not mean I don’t need you. I need y’all now, more than ever. To spread this blog, to comment, to encourage and to try the things I try. Not only that, this little blog is such a bright part of my week. I’ve been thinking about posting twice a week, instead of the Tuesday/Wednesday blog. It might be too much for me, but I really enjoy doing it. Perhaps one narrative and one recipe. Let’s see if we can at least, get that rollin’.

We’ve chatted about the possibility of opening up a stand at our farmer’s market next summer to serve the food we’d like to offer at Lagniappe. It’d be an awesome way to build up a small following…if people decided to follow what we’re doing. Heh.

We’ve also been pondering up new food ideas. Just because it’s southern food, doesn’t mean we can’t deviate from the norm. After all, so much of life’s excitement comes from deviation, am I right Psychology/Statistic nerds??!!

Anyways, with all that being said, we are very much alive and well.

…and as always, ready to cook!

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