What’s Your Sweet Spot?

In Momofuku’s newest foodie publication, “Lucky Peach”, the quarterly theme is “The Sweet Spot”.

It is essentially about picking, eating and experiencing something right when it’s at its peak. It is the point where a sauce is absolutely perfect — not too thick, not too thin — or when an apple is plucked at its prime and squished into cider.

I’ve found that so much of cooking, brewing and fermenting is finding that sweet spot. It’s learning how to roast a chicken with moist breast meat and cooking the thighs all the way through. It’s about reducing stock to the point of coating a spoon.

There’s so much more to this idea — the sweet spot.

When I get to sit around the table with friends and ‘ting’ our glasses to something silly or meaningful or both. I love the commencement of a meal — where we’re all about to dive in, but say a few words and raise our glasses and look at each other in the face. That…is the sweet spot.

Or say you’re baking a pumpkin pie and it’s just a tiny bit wiggly in the middle.

I love this.

It is essentially what every cook aims for. Something perfectly cooked, properly served and eaten with the appreciation that somebody did something right and we give thanks.

Lately, my sweet spot is a piece of pie and a cup of coffee.

It is bliss — it is what I ascribe as ‘toothsome”.

As you sit with friends and family and guests and strangers, be reminded of your sweet spot — what it is that hits you at just the right moment — a dish, a conversation, an ingredient, an idea.

What’s your sweet spot?

I’d sure love to know…


Happy Thanksgiving friends – thankful for all those who read and keep up — it means so much to me.


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